He Captured The Chaotic Moment A Guy Proposed To His Girlfriend At A Beyoncé Concert, And Then He Dropped The Ring

ID 124873899 - © Piman Khrutmuang - - illustrative purposes only

Everyone dreams about the marriage proposal that they may receive one day. And most people have a preference as to whether they want a public proposal in front of a bunch of people or something more private with just them two.

This video that Harvey Kindlon (@harveykindlon) shared on TikTok has over 43,000 likes and a lot of differing opinions. The video is of a sweet young couple at a Beyoncé concert getting engaged, but things get a bit chaotic.

The couple is on the floor of the concert, meaning they don’t have any physical seats, and there are a bunch of people surrounding them and watching this moment unfold.

As the guy gets down on one knee, you can tell that his girlfriend is shocked and excited! She’s covering her mouth, jumping up and down as a small circle forms around the couple.

Her partner is smiling up at her when all of a sudden, he is looking around on the ground with his hands up. He had dropped the ring!

Trying to stay calm, everybody looked around their feet in hopes of finding the ring. Luckily, someone hands it to the girl, who hands it back to her boyfriend with relief.

In the wildness of the moment, he grabbed her right hand instead of her left, but she quickly switched them before he placed the ring on her finger.

Afterward, the couple shared an embrace to celebrate their engagement as everyone around them cheered.

While Harvey deemed this as the messiest proposal, a lot of people agreed that this environment was an interesting choice.

ID 124873899 – © Piman Khrutmuang – – illustrative purposes only

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