A Lot of Girls Repeatedly Date Guys Who Are Seeing Other Girls At The Same Time, And She’s Talking About Where You Can Find Guys Who Aren’t Dating Around

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If you’ve been in the dating world for a while, you know how frustrating it can be when it seems like no matter who you try to form a connection with, the same issues keep on popping up.

A lot of girls seem to find themselves repeatedly dating guys who end up having other girls they’re seeing at the same time. This leaves those girls wondering, where on Earth can you find guys who aren’t dating around so much? Who just wants to date one girl at a time?

TikTok creator Lin Watchorn (@greencowland) shares where she thinks these guys are hiding and offers her advice to girls who are seeking them.

Rather than meeting multiple women, Lin says that the guys you are looking for are probably just minding their own business, playing video games, or hanging out with their friends. She says that these guys are often overlooked by women, not knowing what they’re looking for is hiding in plain sight!

Lin explains that these guys are often stuck in the friend zone, considered the nice guys, or you just don’t think they’re really your type.

We, women, tend to stick to the same type of guy when it comes to dating, whether it’s because we think they are our type or because their personality just feels like a familiar one to get to know.

But, if you continuously find yourself in the same spot after trying to date someone, maybe it’s time to reevaluate all aspects.

Lin advises that if something is not working in your dating life, try switching up the type of guy that you’re dating. You could be missing out!

“Maybe look at some of those men you’ve previously overlooked,” she suggests.

ID 106630674 – © Anton Estrada – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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