She Has Perfect Solution For Dealing With Wedding Guests That Have The Audacity To Show Up Wearing White

alipko - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Everyone knows that wearing white to a wedding is often considered to be rude and a risky choice. This is the bride and groom’s big day we’re talking about, and even if she doesn’t say it, the bride would likely be offended if you chose to wear white.

It’s important that the bride’s white gown is the star of the show, and anyone else who wears white will surely be turning heads and taking attention away from the bride.

But TikTok creator Rachel Dean (@the.dean.dome) has come up with a humorous way to handle this potential issue.

This business idea of Rachel’s involves future brides hiring her to attend their weddings if they have a suspicion that a guest is going to cause unwanted drama and wear white to the wedding.

To solve this problem, all Rachel would need is to be able to attend your wedding and two glasses of wine. In one glass, the white wine that she’ll be drinking throughout the night. In another glass, red wine, to use against others if need be.

“I’ll pick my targets. I’ll be there looking for white dresses that aren’t yours,” she explains.

All Rachel would have to do is walk up to any guest in a white dress and start to compliment the girl’s outfit before “accidentally” spilling her glass of red wine all over her!

“It’s perfect! You don’t have to be the bad guy. I will get free snacks out of it,” she says. “And also just because it’s fun. Like that would be fun. I’ve always wanted to throw a drink at someone anyway!”

She even suggests making a scene out of it, if you wish, by kicking her out of the wedding. No one would know who she was anyway, and it would be a perfect way to get vengeance without actually doing it yourself.

alipko – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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