She Made Her Older Son Eat Upstairs After He Couldn’t Stop Hiccuping During Dinner, Because Her Younger Son Has A Phobia

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Have you ever had to make your kid do something to accommodate their sibling? 

One woman recently made her older son, who can’t stop hiccuping during dinner, eat upstairs to accommodate her younger son’s phobia.

She’s the mom of two boys and has found herself in an odd situation. Her 15-year-old son, Rex, always, without fail, gets the hiccups during dinner. It’s very strange, and doctors have said nothing is wrong with him. He just always gets them. 

Doctors suggested that Rex slow down while eating, but when he tried, he still got the hiccups.

Usually, this hiccup issue wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but it’s been really bothering her other 13-year-old son Marshall, who has a genuine phobia of hiccups. 

“He’s been totally freaked out and usually had his hands clamped over his ears every time we sat down to dinner,” she said.

“I felt really bad. His anxiety’s terrible, and it was beyond just him being annoyed.”

She’s tried different remedies, like taking Marshall to therapy for the phobia and finding tricks to get rid of Rex’s hiccups. However, nothing worked, so she thought of a different solution.

“Last week, I decided Rex should just eat upstairs,” she explained.

kucherav – – illustrative purposes only

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