She Struggles With People Watching Her Eat, And Her Sister-In-Law Got Angry That She Wouldn’t Eat In Front of Everyone At A Recent Family Gathering And Forced Her To Leave

She tried to explain to her sister-in-law that she physically could not eat and mentioned that she thought Robert had explained this situation already.

Her sister-in-law replied very rudely, stating that just because the family lets her act impolite in their houses does not mean that she can do the same in hers. Giving her an ultimatum, her sister-in-law told her to either eat the food or leave the house.

“I tried to tell her how I physically can’t do that, but then she gets up, wraps my plate, and tells me to leave. The room is silent, and I just don’t bother and leave,” she said.

Since then, her family has been super upset with her sister-in-law’s behavior, and it’s causing some tension in the family.

Her sister-in-law has not been shy to let her know that because of this scenario, her sister-in-law is now in trouble with the family, so Robert has asked if she will tell the family to back off a bit and also apologize to her sister-in-law. But she doesn’t feel like she owes anyone an apology. She didn’t ask her family to be angry with the sister-in-law in her defense, so she felt like there was nothing she could do about that.

It’s not her fault that her sister-in-law acted in the way that she did. She even left when she was asked to and didn’t put up a fight. Even though he knows that his wife is acting out and being unreasonable, Robert still hopes that his sister will apologize as a favor to him.

Do you think she owes anyone an apology? Do you think that her sister-in-law’s behavior was uncalled for?

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