She Went Out With A Guy Who Lied To Her About Not Having Social Media, So She Confronted Him

uladzislaulineu - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Never underestimate a girl’s investigative skills! We can find out anything if we put our minds to it. So don’t even bother trying to lie to us.

TikToker Jenny Nguyen-Don (@jennyisthegreatest) is describing how she caught a guy in a lie after he told her that he didn’t have an Instagram account.

So one day, a guy she had been chatting with informed her he did not have Instagram because he didn’t have time for such insignificant things as social media.

At the time, Jenny ignored his comment and asked him if she would look better with short or long hair. She sent him screenshots of her posts on Instagram so he could compare the two styles.

A few days later, she noticed someone she did not recognize had been consistently viewing her Instagram stories. The first person that came to mind was the guy who claimed he didn’t have an Instagram account.

So she embarked on a quest to figure out this person’s identity. She went onto the person’s profile and saw that they hadn’t posted any photos. They also only had three followers, which were all spam bots.

Therefore, the only clues Jenny could find were through whoever this person was following. They were following 160 people.

Jenny immediately became repulsed as she scrolled through the following list. This person was following a bunch of Instagram models and influencers. As she continued scrolling, she spotted one account that she recognized.

The account belonged to a regular person, and it happened to be the ex-girlfriend of the guy Jenny was talking to. After digging even deeper through the following list, she discovered an Irish football club account and a men’s health account.

uladzislaulineu – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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