She’s Hilariously Talking About What She Would Do If Her Child Came Into Her Room At Night And Said There’s Something Under The Bed

Konstantin Yuganov - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

Imagine this: you’re a mother to your first child, who is now old enough to be sleeping in their own bedroom.

And as you start to drift off to sleep, you see your child shuffle into your bedroom with fear in their eyes.

Clearly upset, they tell you that there’s something underneath their bed and that they need you to investigate. What would you do?

TikTok user Kayla (@kaylamichellefisher) shares what she would do in that sort of position, and people agree with her in the comments.

Kayla says if this ever happened with her and her potential future child, she would not be much of a help.

She’d rather her child call the police or a priest or anyone else than her to go investigate what type of mysterious activity might be going on in the child’s bedroom.

“Pull up my birth certificate. Where does it say ‘Mommy?’ It doesn’t. It says Kayla. I am not your Mommy right now, sis,” she says playfully in her video.

A lot of the comments on her video totally see where Kayla is coming from and express that they would probably react in the same way if the child came up to them, saying that there is something hiding in their room! A lot of current moms also validate that reaction in her comments.

“The accuracy! My daughter KNOWS she better call my husband and pastor because I ain’t looking under no bed!” one mother exclaims.

Konstantin Yuganov – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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