She’s Talking About The Two Different Ghostly Encounters She Had In Her Childhood Home

“There was a sense of dread at what might be on the other side,” she shared.

However, her need to use the bathroom overrode her fear and hesitation. She peeked out of the door and then ran to the bathroom. Then, that sense of dread returned before she opened the bathroom door. After once again peeking out the door, she bolted back to her room, jumped into bed, and immediately pulled herself under the blankets.

“The ghosts can’t see if you’re under the covers; everyone knows this,” she said.

Finally, the fear subsided once more, and she rolled over onto her stomach, with her head facing the wall. Just as she was about to fall asleep, she felt something smack her in the lower back.

Immediately, she assumed it was her sister who had done this. She jumped up and turned to yell at who she thought was her sister, who had been pulling pranks lately. But when she turned around, there was no one there.

Understandably, she searched around her room, checking to make sure her sister wasn’t hiding anywhere. Her sister wasn’t in the room.

After that, she flung open the door and ran to her sister’s room because she couldn’t stay in her own room after that terrifying experience. Once she entered her sister’s room, she found her sister asleep on her bed. She told her sister what happened, and even though her sister rolled her eyes, she let her stay in her room in her bed for the rest of the night.

Also, she shared that she’s not sure if the two occurrences were with the same ghost or not. She wondered if she or her sister had done something to make the ghost upset and hypothesized that maybe that was why the ghost went from tucking her to becoming more threatening.

She then added that she and her sister have both experienced paranormal situations while growing up. She wondered, too, if maybe she’d had experiences with two different ghosts, and the scary one in her second experience became more dominant.

Have you ever felt like you had a ghost in your house?

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