These Are A Few Etiquette Mistakes You Want To Avoid Making As A Wedding Guest

popovatetiana - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Most wedding guests do their best to contribute to a drama-free and fun-filled environment on the couple’s wedding day. While there are some obvious things to avoid doing as a guest, there are some common mistakes that might seem small but are actually considered disrespectful to the bride and groom.

Here’s a list of don’ts when it comes to being a wedding guest!

Don’t Ask About Plus Ones

While you might be really wanting to bring your partner or a plus-one to a wedding, be mindful of what your invitation indicates. If there is nothing on there about a plus one, then it’s best to take that for what it is and respect the couple’s decision.

Avoid asking the couple if you can bring a plus one because it can put unwanted pressure on them and make them feel like they have to make an expectation just for you.

If you are allowed to bring a plus one, make sure that your guest knows the proper etiquette and follows the dress code so that the couple won’t regret allowing you to bring someone.

Don’t Overdo It On The Alcohol

Most wedding receptions have all different types of alcohol, and some may even offer an open bar. While it’s reasonable to have a few drinks, let loose, and have a fun time with your friends and family, it’s best not to drink too much.

Keep the amount of alcohol you have within your own limits to avoid embarrassing yourself or creating an uncomfortable environment for the other guests. Plus, it’s always important to be respectful of the couple, so don’t put them in a position where they feel like they have to babysit you.

popovatetiana – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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