You Can Make Compost Tea For Your Garden Right At Home, And It Doesn’t Cost You Anything

maryviolet - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Compost is the best fertilizer you can add to your garden. And there are so many different ways you can apply compost to assist with the growth of your plants, one of them being compost tea.

Compost tea is a simple concoction made from just two ingredients–compost and water.

It has a myriad of benefits and is a natural alternative to the chemical treatments sold in your local home improvement stores that are the standard for improving plant growth.

The brew provides extra nutrients to your soil by traveling down to the plant’s roots and getting soaked up.

When compost is placed in water, the nutrients from the compost are released, creating a liquid fertilizer that can be poured into the dirt.

There are two methods for preparing compost tea: aerated and non-aerated. To make aerated compost tea (ACT), a device is used to force oxygen into the liquid.

Non-aerated tea (NCT), which is the type we’re focusing on today, just requires you to mix stuff in a bucket.

Perhaps the greatest aspect of compost tea is that you can easily make it at home, free of cost! It doesn’t require any special equipment to prepare.

All you need is a five-gallon bucket, a strainer, something to stir the mixture with, and, of course, water and compost.

maryviolet – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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