A Little Girl Blew Out The Candles At Her Cousin’s Birthday Party And Made Her Cry, So She Got Into A Fight With The Little Girl’s Mom - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

This 23-year-old girl has a 5-year-old cousin named Kim, and Kim just celebrated her birthday. Her family threw a party for Kim that included their closest loved ones and some of Kim’s friends from daycare.

Her aunt also invited a few of her friends and their little kids as well. At the party, she saw that some of the children were playing in a pretty rough way, and it was like they were also bullying Kim while doing this.

Kim is a tough girl, so she wasn’t exactly worried about her not being able to stand up for herself. But she was irritated that the parents were standing by and allowing their children to treat Kim, the birthday girl, in hardly the nicest way.

Several times, her own family had to intervene and separate some of the children because that’s how out of control things were getting.

“During cake time, one of the girls who particularly seemed to be rougher with Kim wanted to sit right next to her for blowing out the candles,” she explained.

“My aunt already seated Kim’s sibling/our other baby cousin next to her, so this kid just pushed their way through, and her parents laughed it off, just a little kid, so whatever.”

“However, at the end of the song, this girl blew out the candles, and Kim cried. My aunt tried to brush it off, saying, “Oh well,” but I remember when that happened to me as a child, so I lit up the candles again and said she would try again.”

She actually ended up getting into an argument with this little girl’s mom as she told her to move her child away from Kim.

The little girl was upset too, and that made the mom even angrier. Some of the other parents got irritated with her too, but she didn’t care because Kim was overjoyed to have candles to blow out. – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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