Her Friend Is Furious With Her For How She Responded After Her Boyfriend Made A Rude Comment About Her In A Bikini

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This 29-year-old woman is on vacation with her fiancé and three different couples, and they are staying in an enormous villa together.

One of the couples on the trip with them right now is her 30-year-old friend Casey and Casey’s 30-year-old boyfriend, Josh.

She doesn’t exactly hate Josh, but he’s the kind of guy who needs some firm boundaries to be set upfront.

Josh attempts to be brutally honest with everyone he meets, and he does this to see what he can kind of “get away with.”

She says that you need to make it clear to Josh you’re not going to deal with his stuff, and he will put an end to it.

But even after he stops being brutally honest with you, he still will make some ridiculous comments.

“So, yesterday, we were all having a relaxed day by the pool,” she explained. “I came out of the house in my bikini, and Josh wolf-whistled and said “…I really chose the wrong friend” loud enough for everyone to hear.”

“Without missing a beat, I turned to him and said, “Why are you acting like you had your pick of the litter? I would never have looked at you twice, and you know it.”

“Josh laughed off the comment and went back to reading his book, but Casey pulled me inside and yelled at me for embarrassing her and Josh. She said what I said was demeaning, and I basically called Josh ugly. I was pretty stunned because actually, I think what happened was Josh called me a piece of meat.”

ALEKSTOCK.COM – illustrative purposes only

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