A School Nurse Pulled His Son’s Tooth Without Informing Him, So He Reported The Nurse And Called Her Disgraceful

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On Monday, this man’s 7-year-old son returned home and, out of nowhere, was missing his front tooth.

Yes, before he sent his son to school, he realized that the tooth was a little “wiggly.” However, it was not ready to be pulled out just yet.

So, he asked his son what had happened and was shocked to find out that the school nurse had intervened.

“My son showed me his baby tooth in a baggy and said the nurse pulled it out,” he recalled.

He immediately emailed his teacher to get more context on the situation, and the teacher detailed how his son had been wiggling the tooth a lot.

So, the teacher asked his son if the tooth was going to fall out, and his son wasn’t sure. That’s why the teacher sent his son to the nurse’s office.

According to him, his son’s teacher claimed to have expected the nurse to just take a look at the tooth and give him a call if it was ready to come out. But that just didn’t happen.

Instead, the school nurse decided to pull out the tooth– without informing him first– and his son was not at all comfortable with that. In fact, his son claimed it hurt.

So, he reached out to the school nurse and said that she had no business pulling his son’s tooth.

Studio Romantic – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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