Creating Wealth Without The Price Tag: How To Achieve The “Old Money” Aesthetic In Your Own Home

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The “old money” aesthetic has been trending on TikTok for quite some time, and it’s easy to understand why.

First of all, “old money” refers to the lives of individuals whose wealth has been inherited over numerous generations. Think the Vanderbilts or the Fords.

Traditionally, the “old money” aesthetic– including everything from fashion and interior design to etiquette and overall lifestyle– is much more subtle and tasteful as opposed to more flashy “new money” families (Ahem, the Kardashians).

So, rather than jet-setting to Mykonos and dining on ridiculously overpriced sushi at Nobu, old-money families might summer in the Hamptons, weekend at Martha’s Vineyard, and host elegant garden parties with exclusive guest lists.

For many people, this life is downright alluring, and they hope to create a similar vibe in their own homes– even if they lack the same inheritance.

Here’s how you can incorporate the “old money” aesthetic into your interior design– no fancy surnames required.

Understanding The “Old Money” Design Style

The old-money look is all about timeless elegance and refined taste. Think classic pieces, antique furnishings, heirloom-quality accessories, and a love for tradition.

There’s a restraint in the choices, a subtle nod to affluence without being overly showy. So, bright colors, quirky crafts, and retro pieces are typically a no-go.

4595886 – illustrative purposes only

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