He And His Wife Almost Got Robbed In Rome When Two Strange Men Came Up To Them At The Colosseum, Claiming To Have Gifts

lucky-photo - illustrative purposes only

Four years ago, this man and his wife took a vacation to Italy.

They booked the trip through a travel agency, so there were several popular tourist attractions included.

One day, they went to the Colosseum in Rome. After purchasing their tickets, there was a half-hour wait before their tour started. While waiting, they took a walk around the area.

As they wandered around, they saw some makeshift souvenir shops that are common in Rome.

“People will try to sell you small trinkets and knockoff merchandise out of smaller wooden stands or spread out on wool blankets, ready to make a run for it if the police come in sight,” he explained.

He and his wife walked away from the huge crowd waiting for the Colosseum tour at the entrance, so they were now in a more sparsely populated area.

The very moment that they were on their own and away from the crowd, two men approached them. At first, the men were nice and conversational and asked him and his wife where they were from.

“And while they are talking, they are gifting us all sorts of smaller trinkets. A bracelet, a small chain, and a wooden figure (supposedly hand-carved). ‘It’s a gift, it’s a gift,’ they overenthusiastically ensure us,” he shared.

As this was happening, he noticed that his wife was extremely uneasy, so he knew they had to get away from these men and back to the crowd at the entrance to the Colosseum.

lucky-photo – illustrative purposes only

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