He Decided To Flip His Old Belongings And Take His Friends Out To A $700 Fancy Dinner Paid For By The Profits, But They Berated Him For Not Donating The Items To People In Need Instead

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This 18-year-old guy currently lives in a medium-cost-of-living area and takes home an income that he deems “comfortable.” Yet, he recently found himself in a bit of a pickle after his friends judged him for reselling his old belongings.

For context, he enjoys flipping items. And sometimes, when he is cleaning out his space, he’ll rediscover some old belongings he completely forgot about.

And while he was recently cleaning out his storage and flipping closet, this same thing happened again.

“Most of these items only cost me 10% to 30% of what their true value is,” he explained.

“Think LEGO, electronics that are a few years old, and mid-range clothing.”

According to him, all of the items were in good condition, too. So, he decided to make it a weekend project and start selling off his old belongings.

Well, since then, he has already made about $750, and that’s not including the sales of the clothing. He was able to sell most of the items for profit, netting about $500, and was deciding what to do with all of the extra cash.

“So I decided to treat me and my close friends to a fancy restaurant,” he recalled.

Apparently, he took his friend group out to a really nice restaurant that cost about $120 per person, excluding drink orders. That’s why the bill wound up totaling a whopping $700.

ID 184974367 – © Nuvisage – – illustrative purposes only

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