He Embarrassed His Wife During The Pregnancy Announcement She Made In Front of Their Loved Ones And Then She Ended Up Crying, So Now Everyone Is Calling Him A Terrible Husband

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This 26-year-old man and his wife, 25, have been married for three years. Throughout their relationship, they’ve had normal disagreements, but he believes that their marriage has been filled with joy for the most part. However, that drastically changed rather quickly.

Two weeks ago, his wife wanted to have a get-together at their house with several of their close friends and some of her family. Apparently, he thought this seemed “quite random,” but he agreed to her idea and said he’d be there.

She went all out, making food and drinks and also buying some new furniture for the occasion. He noticed that she seemed super excited about the get-together.

“Later that evening, we were all sitting around a circular table that she had bought when she stood up and said that she had something to tell me,” he explained.

“She then made a speech about how the past four years have been the happiest years of her life, and she then continued to utter the words, ‘I’m pregnant.'”

“I was really shocked and thought it was just a really dumb joke, so I laughed and said, ‘You must be cheating on me! That’s not my baby.’ Everyone gasped, and my wife suddenly burst into tears and ran into the kitchen.”

After that, her older brother and a couple of her friends ran after her into the kitchen to console her. He continued sitting on the couch in shock.

“Everyone sat in silence until a couple of my friends decided to go home,” he said. “I decided to just head to bed because I honestly was so confused.”

“The next day, I woke up to hundreds of texts from our friends and family about how I was a ‘horrible husband’ and ‘insensitive.’ Also, my wife was gone, and to be honest, I didn’t really care.”

ID 35609750 – © Monkey Business Images – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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