He Forgot To Make His Fiancée’s Breakfast The Exact Way She Likes It This Morning, And She Told Him To Not Bother Fixing It Since It Was Already Ruined

azurita - illustrative purposes only

This 32-year-old man’s 31-year-old fiancée happened to be working from home this morning. He asked his fiancée if she wanted an egg and bacon sandwich for breakfast, and she said yes.

So, he set about making breakfast for her. She does like to have mayonnaise on each slide of toast he uses to make their breakfast sandwiches.

But that detail slipped his mind as he set about making a sandwich for her, and he completely forgot to add mayonnaise.

“As soon as I set it in front of her, I remembered and said “Hold on, I forgot the mayo, and I’ll go put it on real quick,” he explained.

“To which she replied, “Forget it, it’s [ruined] now.” I got upset by this comment as it made me feel as if I had somehow ruined breakfast, so I tried to explain that it was an easy remedy and the sandwich was most definitely not [ruined].”

“She told me to just forget it again, so I went back into the kitchen and finished making my sandwich and sat down.”

His fiancée then walked in and mentioned that she thought he would put a fried egg on her sandwich, not a scrambled one.

To him, it seemed that she was just complaining to no end, especially since he never told her he would be putting a fried egg on her breakfast sandwich; he only said he was putting eggs and bacon on it.

He couldn’t hide from her that he was getting upset over her complaining about everything, and she replied back that she was only making some comments, not trying to complain.

azurita – illustrative purposes only

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