He Got Rejected By A Coworker After Asking Her On A Date, But Then She Suggested They Just Be Friends With Benefits

Dragana Gordic - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 36-year-old guy has a female 32-year-old coworker whom he has gotten pretty friendly with. They obviously worked together first, and then they got to know each other better on their lunch breaks.

It was during lunch that he got to learn more about her personal life. For instance, she left her ex– the father of her two kids– about seven months ago when she found out her ex was cheating. However, she has continued to co-parent with her ex and has also been seeing other guys on the side– although nothing has gotten serious.

Anyway, as he continued to get to know his coworker, he noticed that she started to make more flirty comments. At first, he just shrugged them off and figured she was just playing around with the banter.

But he eventually started to develop some serious feelings for the woman, and he even suggested that they get together outside of work.

In the beginning, his coworker agreed, too. Yet, they could never nail down a serious plan. For instance, he once asked her to go out to the movies, but his coworker appeared to just avoid his invitation.

Still, she later messaged him and asked if he had a crush on her. So, he was honest and admitted that he did really like her.

At the time, his coworker seemed to accept his interest, too, but it took some prodding to get her to open up about how she felt about him.

“She said she didn’t want to hurt me but was still recovering from her breakup and wasn’t looking for anything serious and that she would like to remain friends,” he recalled.

“I accepted that and backed off but continued to message her as a friend.”

Dragana Gordic – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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