He Just Bought His Girlfriend An Engagement Ring, But He Found Out She’s Been Secretly Talking To Her Former Friend With Benefits

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This 30-year-old man and his 30-year-old girlfriend have been dating for the last 3 years. He says that they are one another’s biggest cheerleaders, and they are madly in love.

He and his girlfriend have been in previous relationships prior to meeting, and he’s ok with the fact that they have romantic histories that happened before they knew one another. That’s part of being an adult.

But his girlfriend’s romantic past is now leaking into their future, and it’s deeply concerning to him.

“Recently, I discovered she’s still talking to a former friend with benefits she was seeing not long before she met me, nothing inherently [steamy] has been said, but he has asked a few times if she’s still into certain things; they’re also planning to meet for coffee next time he’s in the area,” he explained.

Now, he did just go out and purchase an engagement ring for his girlfriend, but since he’s found out that she’s been secretly talking to her former friend with benefits, that’s wildly upsetting to him.

He is not an envious kind of guy, and his girlfriend’s former friend with benefits was someone she knew for a long time before becoming physical with him.

If his girlfriend had said to him that she still intended to be friends with this guy, he would have been suspicious, but he trusts and adores his girlfriend.

He would go along with anything she wanted unless she gave him a reason not to do that, but the fact that she hid these messages is what bothers him.

His girlfriend has not mentioned that she’s still in touch with her former friend with benefits, and he only discovered this when she fell asleep one night, and her phone was open to messages between them.

arymer – illustrative purposes only

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