He Kicked His Girlfriend Out And Then Dumped Her After She Snooped On His Phone And Called His Ex

AnnaHar - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 37-year-old man has been dating A, 28, for nearly three months.

“She is an amazing person. She’s beautiful, caring, brilliant, and funny,” he said. “However, due to past relationship traumas, she’s in constant fear of her partner being unfaithful, despite the fact that I’m invisible to the vast majority of women.”

“Early in our relationship, I decided to give her the passcode to my phone, tablet, and computer–I’ve got nothing to hide, and this may give her some peace of mind. Or so I thought.”

He and A don’t currently live together, but she stays at his place for several days a week. She doesn’t drive, and when they first started dating, she usually spent just weekends with him, but over time, she started staying at his place more often.

Tonight, he found out that while he was gone, A, who was staying at his house while he was out, had logged onto his tablet and seen a conversation between him and an ex-girlfriend.

After they broke up, his ex sometimes stayed in one of the spare bedrooms at his place while she had to come to his hometown on work trips.

“My ex and I had a two-week-long tumultuous relationship back in 2021,” he explained.  “After I broke things off and squashed all her hope of a relationship with me, I always felt guilty for breaking her heart, so the free room is my way of saying, ‘Sorry for hurting your feelings, and I still care about you as a person.'”

However, once he and A started dating, he no longer wanted to let his ex stay at his place.

A few weeks ago, his ex messaged him to ask if she could stay in his spare room.

AnnaHar – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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