He Asked His Wife For A Divorce, Then Gave Her Another Chance, But He Knows He Would Be Happier Without Her

Dennis - - illustrative purposes only

12 years ago, this 30-year-old man started dating his 29-year-old wife, and three years ago, they got married.

Back when they were only dating, his wife was loving and full of energy. But after the wedding and moving in together, his wife started to lose her active nature and was happily stagnating around their home.

“For example, she would just watch TV and be on the phone and not even have a proper conversation,” he explained.

He would constantly have to come up with things to talk about with his wife, and then their personal life began to suffer.

While this was all going down, it dawned on him that his wife had no interests or hobbies, let alone big goals or dreams.

She was fine drinking on the weekends, going on vacation occasionally, and speaking to her one or two friends once in a blue moon.

But he had a big dream; he always wanted to live in another country. He gave up on it after his wife shot it down and said it couldn’t possibly work.

He ended up changing his career completely in an effort to have a nicer life with his wife, but nothing really helped to fan the flames of romance again in their marriage.

As the differences between them grew more and more apparent, his wife stopped showing him love at all.

Dennis – – illustrative purposes only

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