He Told His Friend That She’s Being Completely Irresponsible, So She Took To Social Media To Call Him Out

(JLco) Julia Amaral - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 22-year-old man has a friend named Mary, 23.

When she was 15, Mary dropped out of high school. Since then, she hasn’t been studying independently or working. She apparently hasn’t been doing much.

“Last year, she started taking a special one-year program in our country where it is basically the equivalent of a high school diploma. She finished it four months ago, I want to say. She was very excited about it and said she wanted to start working so she could save up a bit for college next year. Thing is…she didn’t,” he said.

After Mary finished the program to earn her diploma, she went back to her old ways. She stayed home watching TV shows and didn’t apply for jobs or study. Plus, she didn’t hang out with friends much, either.

A few weeks ago, he was hanging out with Mary, and she told him her plans to attend college next year. Then, she said that she still needed to get a job, but she hadn’t found the motivation to even write her resume.

He told Mary that it would take less than an hour to do it, but she brushed him off and said she just didn’t feel up to it.

“After I talked to Mary, she eventually made her resume that same day. And that was pretty much all she did in the last two to three weeks,” he explained.

Yesterday, Mary told him that she still hasn’t done any job searching because she hasn’t printed off her resume yet, and all she’s been doing is watching more TV.

“I was kind of over the conversation because Mary keeps on victimizing herself, so I just told her her actions are irresponsible (she lives with her father and grandmother, who have some financial problems). She didn’t reply to my texts for 48 hours, and then she went on Twitter and tweeted saying that I should be kinder to her,” he continued.

(JLco) Julia Amaral – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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