He Told Off His Brother’s Fiancée After She Started Making Mean Remarks About His Own Wife’s Eating Habits

T.Den_Team - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Sometimes, people who go around constantly making harsh comments about other people’s appearances need a taste of their own medicine.

One man recently told off his future sister-in-law after she made fun of his wife’s eating habits.

He’s 47 and is married to her 37-year-old wife. Recently, the two of them were visiting her family at his in-laws’ house, as a lot of her family members, including his wife, were celebrating their birthdays.

On the day of his wife’s birthday celebration, her older brother Dan and his 35-year-old fiancée, Tina, showed up. Dan has had a rocky relationship history, and Tina will be his third wife. He has a messy past with Tina, as she was his previous mistress when he was still married to his second wife. 

Tina is also a fitness instructor and never stops talking about food or portion sizes, and she has a bad habit of commenting on other people’s bodies and eating habits. Tina has made many passive-aggressive comments towards him and his wife, who he says is a “beautifully chubby woman.”

For his wife’s birthday dinner, he cooked a big spread that included many of her favorite foods.

“The whole point was for my wife to indulge herself and enjoy her favorite foods, and indeed she did,” he said.

“Later that night, my wife wanted a snack, so she went to grab something from the kitchen while I was in the bathroom. I overheard Tina talking to my wife and nagging her about how she was already hungry again.”

His wife confronted Tina, telling her that what she ate was none of her business. Then, Tina got really sassy when she implied that his wife wouldn’t be able to keep him interested unless she looked better.

T.Den_Team – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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