Her Aunt Pretty Much Threw A Tantrum When She Asked Her To Take Her Shoes Off Inside Her House

slavun - illustrative purposes only

Several weeks ago, this 22-year-old woman and her husband, 26, bought a house.

Throughout the first few weeks since they moved in, they’ve been setting everything up and making their house feel like a home.

Their house has hardwood floors, so to decorate, they thought that it would look nice to add a few rugs.

“These rugs are a light gray/white color. My husband and I are very much type A people and like to keep a clean and clutter-free home, so we figured the color of the rugs wouldn’t be an issue since all our friends and we don’t wear shoes indoors at each other’s houses,” she said.

Recently, her Uncle E, her godfather, his girlfriend, and her Aunt R drove from out of state to visit her mom, who only lives a few towns away from her and her husband.

“Mind you, R invited herself on this trip, and since she is the baby of the family, no one told her no,” she explained.

When her family members visited her mom, she invited them over to her and her husband’s house for dinner, to play games, and to give them a tour since they hadn’t seen the new house yet.

She didn’t want to come off as “bossy,” so instead of telling each of her family members one by one to take their shoes off at the door as they came in, she decided to put a sign on the front door.

“I figured they’re old enough to read and be respectful. As soon as R walked into my home and saw the sign, she scoffed and continued to keep walking in, so I said, ‘I really don’t want shoes to be worn in the house, so can you just leave them at the door?’ She then proceeded to scoff and storm out of the door, slamming it. She pouted on the doorstep and refused to come in for the rest of the night,” she shared.

slavun – illustrative purposes only

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