Her Boyfriend Proposed To Her On A Camping Trip In The Dark, And She’s Still So Disappointed

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This woman just got engaged. While she loved her partner and appreciated his idea of how he wanted to propose to her, the actual proposal was, unfortunately, less-than-perfect.

A few months ago, her partner picked out a ring, which she thought was beautiful, and he planned to propose to her at Lake Tahoe in front of a group of friends who would take photos and film the proposal.

As a traveling emergency room doctor, she has had an incredibly exhausting schedule this summer. Her partner had suggested a “camping trip” to Lake Tahoe, so of course, she had no idea that he was planning to propose.

At the time, she was working 12-hour night shifts, and immediately after the three-day camping trip, she was going to have to fly to another city to continue working long shifts.

Due to burnout, she was struggling emotionally, mentally, and physically. She was sleep-deprived, wasn’t wearing makeup, hadn’t washed her hair, hadn’t done her nails, and had a lot of anxiety.

Because of this, she asked her partner if they could cancel the trip. However, they ended up still moving forward with camping at Lake Tahoe.

“We arrive at the lake at 8 p.m. About eight people, four of whom I knew, four total strangers,” she shared.

“Then, my partner got on one knee and asked if I would marry him. I’m already tipsy/jet-lagged/nauseated and wearing basically pajamas and a headlamp in the dark, so I can’t even see him or the ring, really. When it hit me that this was my actual proposal, my heart sank.”

Despite the fact that her partner had wanted the group of friends to take photos and film the proposal, they didn’t.

ID 4404838 – © Photoquest – – illustrative purposes only

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