Her Friend Freaked Out On Her For Wearing The Dress She Planned On Using For Her Wedding

romannoru - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 28-year-old woman and her husband, 29, recently went out to a local masquerade event in their hometown.

For the occasion, she bought an amazing dress on Amazon. She didn’t post any photos on social media of the dress prior to the event, but she did send some photos of what the dress looked like in a group chat she was in with a few friends.

“One of those friends (we will call her Laura) said it was really pretty and asked for the link to where I got it. I gave it to her but was unaware of what she was doing with it, as it was not my business to ask,” she said.

Later, several days after the event she’d gotten the dress for, she posted photos on social media. The event had been memorable and wonderful, so she was excited to be able to share photos from that day.

“Laura ends up messaging me, going off about the pictures I had posted. She apparently was using the dress for her wedding dress, and her fiancé, who I was also friends with, had seen it. She tells me I’m a jerk for even wearing the dress after I knew she was interested in it and should have just bought another one,” she explained.

Then, Laura proceeded to call her a “wedding wrecker” and said that she had destroyed not only her wedding, but also her relationship with her fiancé.

“Her fiancé argued with her, saying I did nothing wrong since I wasn’t aware she was using it as a wedding dress,” she continued.

After that, Laura said that she couldn’t get a refund for the dress and that she supposedly couldn’t buy a different one in time for her wedding date. However, her wedding is in three years.

Also, Laura hadn’t found the dress on her own.

romannoru – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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