Her Friend Was Constantly Complaining About Being Overweight Despite Being Skinny, So She Got Fed Up And Told Her Friend To “Lose A Few Pounds”

rh2010 - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman has a friend named Jane, who is apparently constantly complaining about being “overweight.”

Due to this insecurity, Jane always feels disgusting and thinks that no guy will ever want to be with her due to being so “fat” and “gross.”

According to her, though, her friend Jane is nowhere near overweight.

“Jane looks to be a healthy weight, so as a result, everyone validates her on how skinny she is,” she said.

Not to mention, Jane always insists on having conversations about weight when she is around– and she is noticeably bigger than Jane.

That’s why she feels like everything Jane says about “disgusting, gross, fat, and undesirable” people actually just apply to her instead of Jane. And it’s really hurtful.

“I understand Jane has the right to feel however she wants about her body,” she clarified.

“But maybe it would be better to discuss this with a therapist or around people who aren’t visibly bigger than her.”

She’s tried to tell Jane this, too, pointing out how she is bigger than her friend. So, Jane’s comments indirectly insult her.

rh2010 – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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