Her Mom Suddenly Wants To Buy The Engagement Ring She Inherited From Her Grandmother, But Her Mom Only Wants To Pay The 1998 Valuation Rate Instead Of Getting The Ring Re-Evaluated

svitlychnaja - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

After this 25-year-old woman’s paternal grandmother sadly passed away in 1998, she inherited her grandma’s engagement ring.

At the time, her father also had the ring evaluated, and it was valued at $3,800.

Since then, her parents have gotten divorced. They reportedly went through a lengthy and nasty custody battle that was so bad that they could not even talk or be in the same room as each other anymore.

It’s also important to note that her mom never got along with her dad’s mother. The strain in their relationship was so bad, in fact, that her paternal grandparents didn’t even attend her parents’ wedding.

That’s why, after her mom, who is now 55, recently asked to buy the inherited engagement ring from her, she was really taken aback.

“It seems strange to me that my mom would want the ring,” she said.

Regardless, her mother claimed that she just “always admired” her grandmother’s ring. Her mom also assured her that she would eventually inherit the ring again from her mom’s will.

So, her mom tried to say that she didn’t need to charge the full market value price for the ring.

Instead, her mom actually wants to pay the original $3,800 valuation price from 1998. But, being that the evaluation was completed decades ago, she really wants to get the ring valued again.

svitlychnaja – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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