He’s Frugal And Doesn’t Want To Show Off His Wealth, But His Wife Says It’s Humiliating Since She Wants To Be Able To Live Like Her Friends Do

Jelena - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man has been in a relationship with his wife since they were both back in college, and they have spent 14 years together (8 of which they have spent married).

He has his own practice, which is doing great, and since he shares his finances with his wife, she is aware of this, too.

Currently, there’s one pain point in their marriage, and it all comes down to cold, hard cash.

“I am a frugal person when it comes to things, materialistic items,” he explained. “I am all for spending on trips and adventures, and we do so often.”

“I just despise spending money on items that overly show my wealth. My wife has made claims that it is unfair and embarrassing that we live the way we do. She wants to be more in line with her friends.”

“I have told her countless times that is simply not my style, I am fine with what we have I do not need to show off or prove something to others. I do understand and see people do talk about us, but I just don’t care.”

It really does not bother him at all that the way he and his wife live has come under scrutiny from others.

His wife keeps begging him for the finer things and to permit her to live the high life because she feels like a social pariah without the material items.

He’s not sure if he should give in to his wife and stop being so conservative with his cash.

Jelena – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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