He’s Planning To Buy A New TV That Costs $1,600, But His Girlfriend Accused Him Of Not Prioritizing Their Relationship Since He Isn’t Putting That Money Toward A Down Payment On A House

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This guy lives with his girlfriend, and the TV they currently have was purchased about six years ago– before they even started dating.

According to him, it hasn’t been working properly, either, and will need to be replaced soon.

So, he started thinking about what TV to buy next and decided he really wanted to get an OLED television.

Then, he began scouring prices and reviews online and found the perfect OLED TV for a little over $1,600.

“I am planning to get it toward the end of the year when I can hopefully get it cheaper with Black Friday sales, so I will likely pay under $1,300,” he said.

He told his girlfriend about his plan, too, and showed her the TV. But, rather than joining in on his excitement, she accused him of not prioritizing their relationship.

Apparently, his girlfriend believes that the money he’s saving for the TV could be used for a down payment on a house in the future. She also pointed out how, right now, he only has about $3,100 in savings.

However, he told his girlfriend that they wouldn’t be looking for a home for a few years anyway.

“And I am getting a pay raise at work next month, so when it actually comes to buying the TV, my savings will pretty much be double what they are now,” he reasoned.

ID 12970877 – © Kurhan – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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