His Family Won’t Stop Trying To Set Him Up Following The Loss Of His Wife, So He Threatened To Move Away With His Daughter And Never See Them Again

puhimec - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

After this man’s wife gave birth to their daughter about five years ago, she tragically passed away, and he has been absolutely devastated ever since.

His family, including his parents and his sisters, were understanding of his grieving period during the year following the loss. But, for the past four years, they have not stopped telling him to move on.

“I cannot,” he admitted, “You know how amputees get phantom pain in their missing limbs? It’s like that.”

However, he just feels like everything is now missing in his life.

He recently took his daughter to see a street performer festival in his city, for instance, and even just buying some kettle corn from a vendor made his heart shatter.

“I hate kettle corn. My wife loved it. I was buying something I hate for someone who is not there,” he said.

Yet, his parents do not seem to understand that he is still battling grief. So, his mom recently did the cruelest thing and actually told his daughter that, for her birthday, she should ask to get a “new mommy.”

As you can probably imagine, he was not very polite when he heard about that and confronted his mom.

He was firm, telling his mom that if she or his sisters ever attempted to bring another woman into his life again, then he would take his daughter, move away, and his family would never see them again.

puhimec – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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