His Girlfriend Has Always Been Extremely Involved In Advancing His Career, So He Finally Asked If It’s Because She’s A Gold Digger Who Wants To Marry A Rich Man

A.KaZaK - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This guy first met his girlfriend when they were in college, and from the beginning, he realized that his girlfriend was always too involved with his education and studies.

She was constantly encouraging him to review course material and forcing him to go to career fairs. Plus, she took the liberty of researching career paths for him, networking for him, and even talking him into different internships.

“At the time, I just thought this was a way for her to show her love and care for me,” he recalled.

Not long afterward, both he and his girlfriend started working full-time, so she stopped getting so involved in his studies. And he thought it wouldn’t happen again.

But more recently, his girlfriend started to do the same thing out of nowhere after he received a raise at work that was smaller than they expected.

Since then, his girlfriend has begun looking at salary expectations and guidelines in his field. She’s also started to forward him a ton of different job opportunities for middle management and team management positions.

“And she even brought up the idea of me learning an extra foreign language so we could move to a richer country where I could make more money,” he revealed.

He honestly found all of this a bit strange, but he didn’t read too much into it.

Still, he decided to mention his girlfriend’s meddling to his friends, and they wound up joking around– claiming that she was a “DIY gold digger” who wanted to turn him into a wealthy man before getting married.

A.KaZaK – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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