His Girlfriend No Longer Dresses Up For Their Dates And Only Puts Effort Into Her Appearance When She’s With Other People, And He Cannot Understand Why

Alexandr - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man recently noticed that his girlfriend has begun “dressing down” for their date nights, even though she used to put in a lot of effort in the past.

“And it bothers me because she still puts in the time and effort to look her best when she hangs with her friends or does anything else except our dates,” he said.

They recently got into an argument, too, and his girlfriend asked him to be upfront about his feelings. So, he straight-up asked her why she didn’t try to “look good” on their dates anymore but put in effort whenever she wasn’t with him.

He claimed that it made him feel like his girlfriend was only “dressing for attention,” for instance, when she went out to bars without him and looked her “absolute best.”

However, his girlfriend’s response shocked him. Apparently, she did not feel comfortable looking so attractive around him since he “makes things tense.” She also didn’t want her mood to get ruined.

This made no sense to him, but his girlfriend didn’t elaborate any further. Instead, she just rolled her eyes, got up, and walked away.

But he feels like he is trying to be a good communicator and wants to settle this issue in their relationship. That’s why he decided to tell his girlfriend that it would make him feel better if she tried to put the same effort into her appearance when they were together.

“Especially when the things we do aren’t cheap, and I let her know that she’s beautiful either way, but on the outside, it doesn’t look right and would make anyone question it,” he explained.

Still, his girlfriend couldn’t understand why he cared so much and accused him of being too focused on meaningless things in the background instead of her.

Alexandr – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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