His Roommate Constantly Gets Drunk And Calls Him For Rides Late At Night, So He Finally Put His Foot Down And Refused To Pick Her Up Last Weekend

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This 24-year-old guy currently shares an apartment with a 26-year-old woman named Amy.

And ever since Amy moved in, he’s been expected to pick up his roommate late at night whenever she was out at the club or hanging out at someone’s house.

In the beginning, he would always agree to help Amy out, too, since he was just trying to be polite. But, she’s since gotten used to his kindness and has been taking advantage of it– expecting him to pick her up each time she goes out on Friday and Saturday nights.

“Bare in mind, we’re not friends, and the only time we speak is about the apartment, bills, and when she needs to get picked up,” he said.

So, about three weeks ago, he started to become frustrated and told Amy that she needed to be more responsible. In other words, she had to stop relying on him to always make sure that she arrived home safely.

“I don’t want to spend my whole weekend worrying about where she is and when I’ll need to pick her up,” he added.

Amy seemed to understand this and promised that she wouldn’t call him anymore.

Well, just last week, his roommate called him again on Friday for a ride home. But while he was definitely irritated, he didn’t think he could just leave Amy stranded.

So, he went and picked her up. Then, the following morning, he reiterated his boundary and told Amy that if she called him again, then he wouldn’t show up for her. He made it clear that he was done with her shenanigans.

ID 138867135 – © Kriscole – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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