His Sister’s Angry That He Took His Niece Out To Get Sushi At His Nephew’s Favorite Restaurant Without His Nephew, Who Was Grounded

Jordi Calvera Solé/Wirestock Creators - illustrative purposes only

This 21-year-old guy has a 13-year-old nephew named Andy and a 10-year-old niece named Bella. And every Saturday, he always takes his niece and nephew out to eat.

“It’s something I always enjoy because I get to spend time with them,” he said.

On top of that, the outings always help his sister– who is given some free time to get some chores done or anything else she cannot do when the kids are around.

So, every weekend, they always pick from one of three restaurants to go to. But, according to him, the kids’ absolute favorite place to get food from is one specific sushi restaurant.

Anyway, this past weekend started off no different, and he went to his sister’s house with his girlfriend to pick up Andy and Bella. As soon as his sister came to the door, though, he found out that Andy was grounded.

That’s why he was only allowed to take Bella out to dinner that Saturday.

Upon asking Bella where she wanted to get food, she also claimed to want some Sushi.

“That’s what we ate. We had fun, and then I went to leave Bella back at home, and that was it,” he recalled.

Things were completely fine afterward, too. Well, that was until today when he received a furious phone call from his sister.

Jordi Calvera Solé/Wirestock Creators – illustrative purposes only

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