His Wife Got Upset With Him For Eating Inside After His Father-In-Law Took The Chair He Always Sits In On Their Patio - - illustrative purposes only

This 36-year-old man considers himself to be a larger guy, 6’8″ tall and 398 pounds, and his father-in-law is also a pretty big guy at 6′ tall and 200 pounds.

Because of his size, he is unable to comfortably sit in a typical patio chair or an Adirondack chair, and even his oversized folding chair isn’t ideal, but he will use it in social situations. When he was 18-years-old, his father built and gifted him a custom chair.

“I love that thing. It even has my initials carved into it. It is sturdy and ridiculously large,” he explained.

Whenever he has friends or family over, it is clear which chair is his. However, recently, his father-in-law decided to have a seat in his chair. Usually, if someone sits in his chair while he is up grilling, his wife will kindly ask them to choose a different place to sit. But she is not one to stand up to her own father.

“He decided that since he is a big guy, he deserves the big chair. And my wife chose not to remind him that is the only chair that I can sit in without breaking it or hurting myself,” he said.

So, after he was done grilling, he asked his father-in-law if he could have his chair so that he could sit and eat with everyone. Yet his father replied that he was comfortable there and that he wasn’t going to get up and change seats.

Rather than arguing about it, he decided that he would just go enjoy his food elsewhere. He chose to head down to his office, which is pretty separate from the rest of the house due to the security needed for his job. He left his phone upstairs and enjoyed his meal in the peace and quiet of his soundproof office.

“Once everyone figured out that I had just left to find a comfortable place to eat, they all started bugging [my father-in-law] to move since he was literally in the only spot I could sit, and there were plenty of other seats,” he retold.

His wife had been trying to contact him and ask him to come back out, but he didn’t hear his phone since it was still upstairs. He ate pretty quickly, but by the time he got back out to the patio, he could tell that an argument had taken place. – – illustrative purposes only

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