His Wife Got Upset With Him For Eating Inside After His Father-In-Law Took The Chair He Always Sits In On Their Patio

Red in the face, his father-in-law looked super embarrassed and then apologized to him for taking his spot. He replied, telling him it wasn’t a problem, and began to socialize with everyone.

After the family had left, his wife told him that the way he behaved was uncalled for, and it resulted in his mother-in-law yelling at his father-in-law. Everyone, including his kids, was telling the father-in-law that he needed to get up and move out of his chair.

He would have considered eating in the kitchen instead, but it was pretty crowded with food and other people, and he thought it would be totally fine for him to step away and eat in his office briefly.

Do you think it was rude of him to do this? Or do you think his father-in-law should have been more respectful about his chair?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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