His Wife Told Him That He Didn’t Have Authority Over His Stepdaughter Because He’s Not Her Actual Dad

Drobot Dean - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

How would you feel if you stepped into a parental role for your stepchildren only to get undermined because you’re not their biological parent?

One man is fed up after his wife told him he didn’t have authority over his stepdaughter because he’s not her actual father.

He’s been married to his wife for four years. His wife has three children from a previous marriage, and he didn’t have any kids. They all live together in his house, and things have been going pretty well. 

That is until a few weeks ago when he found a big dent on his car’s passenger side. It starts at the front fender and goes all the way to one of his rear tires.

“I was furious and thought someone side-swept my car as it was parked on the street,” he explained.

“I checked our doorbell camera to see if it recorded anything and was surprised to see our 16-year-old daughter sneaking out of the house in the middle of the night and driving off in my car. She later returned hours later, stumbling into the house.”

Although the doorbell camera didn’t capture his stepdaughter actually damaging his car, he knew the dent had to have shown up while she was driving because of how she was acting when she got home.

“I angrily showed my wife the recording and told her our daughter needs to be punished, but she said that she’ll talk to her,” he recalled.

“I argued that talk isn’t enough, which led us into an argument. My wife argued that the new family dynamic has been hard on the kids, while I argued that it doesn’t excuse the damage done to my car.”

Drobot Dean – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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