She And Her Best Friend Discovered That Their Boyfriends Were Sleeping With Each Other Behind Their Backs

Lomb - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

We all know that cheating is wrong. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop some people from doing it. TikToker Elise (@elise.b.f) and her best friend are detailing how they discovered their boyfriends were sleeping with each other behind their backs.

Elise and her best friend have known each other since they were little, and they met their boyfriends last year while at the club together.

Their boyfriends were best friends with each other as well. Elise and her best friend both talked to the guys for about four months before they began officially dating.

The four of them always hung out together and frequently went on double dates. The girls were lovestruck and really enjoyed their time with their boyfriends. They were having so much fun that they couldn’t see the red flags coming.

After two months of dating, things started going downhill fast. Their boyfriends constantly sided with each other in arguments and talked about any relationship problems with each other instead of communicating with their own girlfriends.

The girls would find out about issues their boyfriends had with them through the other person, not from their boyfriends themselves. Furthermore, every time the guys hung out with each other alone, they would stop answering the girls’ phone calls.

One week in July, Elise and her best friend went on a girl’s trip to the beach. They decided to go home a day early to surprise their boyfriends. On the way home, they turned off their phones so the guys wouldn’t be able to see their location.

They checked their boyfriends’ location beforehand so they could show up there to surprise them. The guys happened to be at Elise’s best friend’s boyfriend’s house.

At around midnight, the girls arrived and knocked on the door. No one was answering, but they knew the guys were there. They assumed the guys must’ve been sleeping. So they walked around to the back, where there was an open window that they could climb in.

Lomb – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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