His Wife’s Boss Invited Just Her To Come To His Vacation House And Spend The Day With Him On A Boat

noeh - illustrative purposes only

This man is growing worried about his boss’s wife after this guy invited his wife to come to his vacation house alone and spend the day with him on a boat.

His wife works in the staffing industry, and she works out of their house. Because of this, his wife has never gotten the opportunity to meet any of her coworkers in real life.

Yesterday, his wife’s boss sent her a message saying that he’s on vacation less than 2 hours from their house.

“He asked if she would be interested in driving up to his vacation home to spend a day at the lake on his boat,” he explained.

“I find the proposition very unprofessional and inappropriate. I told her I didn’t feel good about it and that it would be better if she met up with him in a professional setting like a restaurant.”

“I think it’s very odd that her boss invited her to just hang out on a Saturday. They are coworkers, not buddies.”

What also strikes him as strange is his boss’s wife knows that he’s going to be away this weekend, and it seems that his boss’s wife only invited her over after finding this information out.

His wife is the only person from the company who got an invite, which he also finds super weird and suspicious.

His wife believes this is nothing more than a networking opportunity, and she’s upset to miss it because she thinks he’s just being envious.

noeh – illustrative purposes only

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