She Got Her Son’s Baseball Coach Fired Because He Never Paid His Share of Travel Tournament Lodging, And She Was Eventually Forced To Confront The President of The Organization

pololia - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This woman’s 8-year-old son recently played his first season of competitive baseball, and she acted as team mom.

Back in December, the team’s head coach– who is divorced with two sons– also approached the team about playing at a tournament in Panama City in June.

At the time, everyone on the team agreed to play in the tournament, so she and the coach found housing options that would cost each family $2,200 for the entire week-long trip.

The bill was going to be broken into two different payments– with $800 due in December to reserve the houses and $1,400 due in May to complete the booking.

“Myself and another family put their credit cards down, with the understanding we would be Venmoed everyone’s payment,” she explained.

Yet, in December, the head coach who proposed the trip approached her and asked for an extension.

He claimed that being a single dad around the holidays was tough, and she understood that. So, she allowed him to delay his payment.

Well, by March, she still never received any money from the coach. At that point, she decided to send a Venmo request for the funds, but rather than receiving the money afterward, she just got a phone call from the coach.

He detailed how his truck had broken down, and he also had to take his ex-wife to court. That’s why his $800 payment had not been submitted, and he promised to send her the money by the due date of the second payment.

pololia – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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