She Started Hooking Up With Her Coworker, But Now All Her Friends Are Insisting That She’s “Dating Below Her League,” And It’s Bothering Her To The Point She Wants To End Things With Him

ID 153174601 - © Natpol Rodbang - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 22-year-old girl started hooking up with her male coworker, who is the same age as her, and she thinks he’s great.

He’s very goofy, and although he does occasionally say things that she would normally consider to be a turn-off, she really does like him.

The attraction to her coworker has grown on her, and it’s mostly due to the fact that he treats her with a ton of respect. It also helps that they have a great friendship too that she really enjoys.

“I wasn’t even initially attracted to him at first, but now that I’ve gotten to know him better, I’m starting to feel some things that I didn’t expect,” she explained.

Now, when it comes to men, her friends, and especially her female friends, always insist that she can do way better.

She does know that she goes for guys who aren’t considered to be attractive by conventional standards, and that’s where a lot of all this with her friends comes from.

Although she has been hit on by guys who are very attractive, she’s never interested. She just wants to date guys that she finds fascinating instead of simply handsome.

Anyway, she recently decided to show her friends what her coworker looks like, and their reactions were disappointing to her.

“So I showed my friends a picture of this guy, and the reaction was generally: “He’s kind of cute…but you can do so much better,” she explained.

ID 153174601 – © Natpol Rodbang – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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