She Went On A First Date With A Guy Who Tried To Hook Up With Her, Even Though She Warned Him Beforehand It Wouldn’t Be Happening

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For some reason, a lot of men out there can’t seem to take no for an answer. TikToker Malene Johansen (@malene.johansen) is talking about a bad first date she went on where a guy tried to hook up with her even though she had warned him beforehand that it wouldn’t be happening.

So, about a month ago, she was visiting the United States for a few weeks and thought she would try giving dating a shot. She got on a dating app, and she was very clear with the guys she talked to that she was vacationing in the U.S. and wasn’t looking for a one-night stand.

There was one guy in particular that Malene felt iffy about. She got the sense that he wasn’t looking for a relationship and only wanted to hook up, so she reiterated her boundaries with him.

He agreed but didn’t seem too pleased about it, which, in hindsight, should’ve been taken as a bad sign. But Malene still decided to give him a chance.

He picked her up from the place where she was staying. However, they did not make any plans about what they wanted to do or where to go prior to their date.

So they ended up just driving around for a bit, but things turned awkward quickly. He didn’t try to get to know her or keep the conversation going, so there was a lot of uncomfortable silence.

Additionally, he attempted to hook up with her, even though Malene had previously told him she didn’t want to do that. He continued trying to persuade her even after she declined, stating that this didn’t have to be a one-night stand and they could also meet up the next day. He couldn’t seem to understand why she didn’t want to sleep with him.

After about thirty minutes into their date, he suddenly informed her that he had to go to work. Malene was confused because he had told her before that he had finished working in the daytime.

She assumed that he was just trying to get rid of her since he wasn’t able to get into her pants. But then, he explained that he had two jobs, and the second was more of an on-call position.

icemanphotos – – illustrative purposes only

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