She’s Not Giving Her Sister Any Money From The College Fund She Created, Since Her Sister Got Pregnant, Dropped Out, And Is Trying To Use That Money To Pay For A New Apartment

Ilona - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This girl grew up in what she considered to be a family heavily focused on traditional gender roles.

While her parents bought her brother a car, gave him 75% of their large estate, and paid for his college, one of her sisters had to take out student loans in order to finish paying for her education.

While she never went to college, she does have some money.

Her younger sister, who is 22-years-old, started her college career two years ago, and her parents offered to pay for a room for her since she didn’t get a scholarship or a chance to room in the dorms.

She also offered to help out her sister by paying for some of her tuition and groceries and explained to her sister how she had set aside money for all of the women in her family who decided to further their education.

In her will, it is stated that the money should be divided between their girls for their college expenses.

However, her sister has since decided to drop out of college, get married, and get pregnant with her boyfriend, whom she’s been with for six months. She tries her best to keep her feelings about the situation to herself, but inside, she feels really disappointed in her sister.

When her sister made the announcement to her family, her sister came up to her and asked about the remainder of the college fund. She then had to explain to her sister that that money was set aside for her education and nothing else.

“I’ll be happy to pay for her tuition if she goes back someday, but she has to give me proof that she does go to college. She pocketed the last semester’s payment because she failed to inform me about her dropping out, and I sent her the money,” she explained.

Ilona – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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