She Moved Out of Her Mom’s House 4 Months Ago, And Now Her Mom Is Offering To Buy Her A Car If She’ll Move Back In And Help With Her Bad Younger Brother

Vladimir - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 19-year-old girl has a 12-year-old brother named Troy, who has had extreme behavioral issues ever since he was little. Along with consistently cursing at their mother, he also calls their mother by her first name, Diana.

She believes that a big reason Troy misbehaves is that his father is not really in his life, and Diana has not really dealt with it in an ideal way.

For example, Diana blames Troy’s actions on his father leaving but just accepts that this is the reality now rather than trying to get him into some form of therapy.

Diana constantly lies and attempts to conceal how bad things really are with Troy, probably because of how overwhelming it all is. She thinks it’s possible Diana is in denial about the whole thing.

Troy was actually kicked out of his old public school because of a super mean prank he pulled, but Diana has told everyone that she has decided to homeschool him because a child as talented as him needs more control over his education.

In reality, he is struggling to remain a part of his homeschooling co-up because of his bad behavior.

“I’ve had to help with Troy and have ended up doing a lot more parenting than a sister should have to. Oftentimes, our mom couldn’t get off work, and I would end up having to take Troy home or talk to his teachers because he got in trouble,” she explained.

Still, Troy doesn’t show much respect for her either and is just very rude. Even when she tries to do something nice for him, he is never kind or appreciative toward her. One of her friends, Hayley, has a sister who just got married and moved out to live with her husband, meaning that there was an extra room available in Hayley’s parents’ house.

Both Hayley and Hayley’s parents offered her the space and told her that as long as she kept up with her share of the chores and didn’t get into any trouble, she could stay in their extra room and pay them little to nothing in rent. So, she decided to take the offer and has been living there for about four months time.

Vladimir – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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