Sick of Searching For Love? Let’s Weigh The Pros And Cons of Hiring A Matchmaker

deagreez - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

The search for “the one” sometimes makes you feel like you’re a puzzle with one missing piece that you can never seem to find– especially in today’s chaotic world.

You’ve probably swiped left and right more times than you’d care to admit, attended social gatherings with the hope of meeting someone special, or even tried blind dates set up by well-meaning friends. Sometimes, it works, and other times, it feels like you’re spinning your wheels in the mud.

You may have exhausted all of your options, and now, you’re considering a brand new tactic altogether: hiring a matchmaker.

Matchmakers are professionals who are dedicated to unraveling the mystery of love for you. No, they’re not fairy godmothers, but they know a thing or two about connecting compatible people.

So, in a world where meeting people organically is becoming increasingly rare, could a matchmaker be the answer to your dating woes? Or is this an outdated practice that doesn’t fit into today’s dating landscape?

Before you pick up the phone to call a professional, let’s take an honest look at what hiring a matchmaker entails. Here are the pros and cons to help guide your decision: no rose-colored glasses attached.

The Upsides To Hiring A Matchmaker

Unlike dating apps, which have generic settings preferences like age, location, and hobbies, matchmakers can offer a much more personalized approach. They really take the time to know you, your values, and your interests– which allows them to tailor matches that fit your specific needs and increase the odds of compatibility.

This will also end up saving you a ton of time since scouring through dating apps can eat up hours of your day. Matchmakers are happy to do the heavy lifting, taking the search for a partner right off your already-filled plate.

deagreez – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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