While She Was At Sleep-Away Summer Camp, She Saw A Terrifying And Ghostly Cowboy

Terri Cage - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When this woman was in fifth grade, she was enrolled in the free lunch program for students whose families couldn’t afford school lunches.

As part of the program, students had the amazing opportunity to choose a summer camp to go to for one week.

Since she has always loved animals, she chose to attend a horse camp called Circle R Ranch, located in Minnesota.

During their stay, the kids were given one horse that they would be riding and caring for. Three or four days into the camp, a girl that she had developed a friendship with had a really sad day.

“Her horse had gotten something lodged in its hoof, and she was told she would have to be assigned a different horse,” she explained.

Of course, for an elementary school girl, this was devastating news, so she had been sobbing all day and was worried about her horse. She got really attached to it and didn’t want to be assigned a new one.”

Throughout the day, she tried to console her heartbroken friend, to no avail. Her friend ended up going to bed early because she was so emotionally exhausted.

At the camp, there were roughly 12 to 18 sets of bunk beds in the rooms, and the beds were almost all taken. She took a top bunk, and her friend was in a bottom bunk directly across from her.

At 10 p.m., it was lights out, and most of the girls seemed to fall asleep within an hour. However, she has always struggled with sleep, so she was the only one still awake.

Terri Cage – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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