He And His Wife Had A Freaky Experience While Exploring A Cave Near An Old Mining Town That Still Has Them Shaken Up Today

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While some people love the mystique, vastness, and wonder of caves, others are freaked out by them.

One couple had an experience in a freaky cave in Nevada a few years ago that still has them shaken up today.

He and his wife were exploring some hiking trails outside of Las Vegas. They found themselves in an area they had been to before, which was near an old mining town and some caves.

“On this particular day, we drove up an old road as far as we could before it got too wonky, then hopped out and walked the road for another ten minutes or so,” he recalled.

“We came to a corner of a large rock wall and could see a gated cave entrance around the corner. But first, the decently wide bottom of the corner itself was hollowed out, giving the impression that there was maybe a cave down there as well. Since it was closest to us, that’s where we went first.”

As soon as he and his wife entered the dark room, he immediately felt a sense of dread. It was an extraordinary yet terrifying moment, as he was filled with great sadness and sensed that something bad had taken place where he was standing.

As it turned out, his wife felt the same way, and after a few moments in the somber space, they headed toward the gated cave.

“When we got to the cave, the entrance was maybe 10 feet high,” he explained.

“The lock had been broken on the gate, so we went in. As soon as we got in, the ceiling opened up to a good 30 feet high or so and maybe 20 feet wide. I immediately felt pressure on my chest and started getting dizzy. Almost in sync with my feeling of it, my wife asked, ‘Do you feel that?’ and I said yes.”

helivideo – illustrative purposes only

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