He And His Wife Had A Freaky Experience While Exploring A Cave Near An Old Mining Town That Still Has Them Shaken Up Today

He had a new phone at the time with a brand-new camera feature. As he and his wife walked further into the cave, he opened his camera and began recording videos of the cave’s creepy interior. Then, he noticed the zoom feature on his camera kept going off, zooming in and out, without him touching it.

He tried to turn off his camera and restart a new video, but the same thing happened.

At this point, he felt even more pressure and dizziness, so he told his wife, who wanted to go deeper into the cave, that they absolutely had to leave.

“We actually went back and forth for a minute before she begrudgingly left with me,” he remembered.

“We no longer felt the chest pressure but stayed dizzy the rest of the day. A couple of hours later, she told me that even though she knew it was a bad idea to go further, it felt like something was trying to pull her further in. It’s like she had her core feeling about the situation, but outside forces were attempting to override it.”

Since that spooky experience, they’ve been freaked out by that cave and wondered what was going on in there.

Have you ever visited a scary cave?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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